Hunger Gamer 1999
Vatican City State (Holy See)
Hello this is me
Currently Offline
History as a pro Hunger Gamer
1st place in multiple mineplex survival games servers
Made it past 100000 X and Y in 2b2t
Never had a single base raided in EVERY hardcore Factions server I've played on
Topped Leaderboards in Hypixel bed wars(longest period at #1: 745 days)

PUBG(My PUBG account was banned because I was too good :steamsalty: )
I've successfully stream sniped shroud, Just9n, Chadd, Choco, Summit, Doc, and many more 10K plus viewer streamers multiple times(just ask them about me ;))
I WON the first PUBG charity invitational, ESL is telling you fake news otherwise
Playerunknown based his character off of what I wore one night at a twitch party
Maxed all battlepasses day one, was pretty ez

Got the john wick skin 69 times on different accounts
Ninja has deleted every vod where I've sniped him
The reason the game keeps changing so much every update is because they don't want me to get too good at the current meta

I'm not sure why people complain about the lootboxes, I earned enough to unlock everything in 2 days, sure it was a little longer than normal, but I enjoyed the extra grind!
Bad game, got boring after my 564th win in a row

Gulag losses: 1(my computer lagged on the first day, never has happened since)
I unlocked the bunkers a week before they put them on the map
Current winstreak: 14,253,683,223(since season 3 dropped)