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So, yeah. I like this game. Like, a lot.

It was the first Fallout game I played, so I am biased toward it. As far as the series is concerned, it is not the best story-wise by a long shot. New Vegas has that covered, but as far as running smoothly, I have more luck with Fallout 4 over New Vegas. Bethesda games are notoriously buggy, and I have played enough of this game to spot them all, but I never had much of a crashing issue unless I had a mod conflict.

That is another thing; I had about 150 hrs before downloading my first mod. I played through each outcome and pathway to the endgame before getting any mods, and if you look at my collection of screenshots, I then played through the story again with mods. A lot of beauty/body mods, a couple retextures for performance enhancement, and a ♥♥♥♥♥ton of settlement building mods.

Now, I know another settlement needing your help is not as fun as it would seem, but there is a DLC that saved the settlement system for me; Nuka-World. Be a raider, dominate the Commonweatlh, own everything. And the location was a blast to play through. With the help of a few safe, and not-safe-for-work mods, my favorite pastime is building my sexual slavery empire as a Nuka-raider.

A big plus for me was romancable companions with a voice-protagonist. I know that is controversial, since no other Fallout game to date has a voiced protagonist, but considering my other favorite RPGs are Mass Effect and Dragon Age (Both games I have tattoos for), I like hearing my protagonist actually say things and have a voice. Romance is a huge part of this game for me. Having that one companion following you, reacting to your situation, showing empathy (Or lack thereof), it really unique to me, and simulates a lot of my immersion in games like this. Each little quirk about the characters is engaging, and you will quickly learn which ones you like and which you don't. And if you roleplay like me, which character fits best with your current storyline.

The real kick in the teeth for me, for this game, is the end of act 2 in the main quest itself. Fallout is known to be sci-fi at times, if not all the time, but something about teleportation has always been iffy for me when it comes to the genre. In Mass Effect, they have fast travel explained by physics and quantum mechanics. But in Fallout, there isn't such thing. When you reach the Institute itself, teleportation is how you get in. It does make an appearance in New Vegas for the Old World Blues DLC, but that DLC was fun due to it's humor and ability to see its own ridiculousness and play with it. Fallout 4 asks you to take things like teleportation and robot gorillas seriously, as a test to see how the player, morally, handles scientific advancement. Old World Blues makes dick jokes. You see my issue here? We went from 'science is a funny gag, your brain talks to you!', to 'What does it truly mean to be human in a world where humanity is no longer a desired trait?' Not only that, but this game pulls a Mass Effect 3, by having 3 endings that are nearly the same but with different colors. The Brotherhood, Railroad, and Minutemen questlines all end with a nuclear destruction of the Institute. There is no opportunity for peace. If if the player does become leader of the Institute (A pathway that locks out the Brotherhood entirely), they can't make peace. It is either ride or die when it comes to the Institute, and as far as that goes from an RPG perspective, that isn't very engaging.

As far as the best quest in the game, the Far Harbor DLC, with Nick Valentine as your companion, takes the cake. There is no happy ending, and that is perfect. Consequences for actions. The sidequests are way more fun than the main quest in the base game, and exploring the map with various companions is a real treat. You could get at least 150 hrs out of this game just by finding the various companions, exploring the map, and getting them to max affinity.

But everyone that plays this game knows what keeps it alive and keeps people playing over and over, and that is the modders. I'd say most of my hours are settlement building with mods or playing with new mod weapons, or playing through the story again, but this time with a new modded armor or a custom companion (Ivy on Lovers Lab is a trip). The choices are endless, and new mods come out every day. This game is made by the people who love it, and that includes huge expansion mods like Fusion City Rising. I'm on the edge of my seat for Fallout: Miami, and the various recreation projects have my support as well.

Overall, I'd give Fallout 4 as base game, 6.5 out of 10, but with mods and the DLCs, 7.5 out of 10. I see another 1000 hours in my future.

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