Hans von Hammer
Don't ask me why
But I was walking down the streets
Of Fairfax, California
And I saw this flyer hangin'
On a telephone pole, and it said
For a $10 donation
You could see silver fillings turn
To gold and other supernormal dental happenings.
New caps! Filled cavities! Bring a
Flashlight and a mirror and observe
But wait a minute
Didn't I just read
About how the cops are getting parents
To plant bugging devices
In their kids' teeth
So if they disappear they can track 'em
Before they wind up on the backs of milk cartons
And all that
And didn't I read
That these devices can go two-way
And everything that I do or say
Is all goin' on tape somewhere right now
Planted in my cavities
And they didn't even tell me
no wonder every bad thing
In and out of my mouth
Keeps winding up on my employment record
All those fillings
All those crowns
I'll show them
Who's the boss of my big mouth
Where's the pliars
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥! Where's the pliars?!?
Wilma! Where'd you put my electric drill
This is all coming out now-TODAY!

Can God fill teeth? [www.dadatainment.info]
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