Beverly Hills, California, United States
Hey I trade CSGO skins and will buy certain skins with good float or nice stickers for overpay if I like the skin and you want a good price. I will also buy skins if you will beat the market price feel free to add me and talk to me about a trade or cash trade.
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Skins = S4 Sep 14 @ 8:03pm 
+rep good trade
Redkiller 24 Sep 12 @ 6:31pm 
+rep really nice trade and he's is really chill:csgoskull: :steamhappy:
+rep I sold him my ak empress thank you man your such a good trader
Sleezy Sep 7 @ 2:53pm 
+rep sold him my najava tiger tooth for steam credit
send me trade fast
76561198164242777 Sep 3 @ 5:58am 
Can you add me? we need to talk and anyway im not a bot:heartb: