Type in 'SOULWINNING DEMONSTRATION" on youtube to see a video on how to get saved. Also, if you end up converting to a born again Christian and start attending church, do not, i repeat DO NOT let your children out of your sight. Most churches have a childs section of the building, and an adult section of the building meaning that you are seperated from your child by a wall inside of a church. Do not go to this kind of church, only go to one where you are right beside your child, and even escort him and be by him near the bathroom if he has to go since churches are where pedophiles go to get their prey. Going to heaven is a free ticket and has nothing to do with being a church member, but the bible does command us to go to church after we are saved, but if you show up to church and anyone from staff try to seperate you from your kids and put a wall between you and them in other words put them in a different section oi the building of where you are, you call out to your child by name and say son, we're leaving and completely ignore everything else and LEAVE! I support and promote death penalty for pedophiles and rapists as the bible teaches ought to be. If you have friends, family members that always want to sleep over with your child you should tell them to go screw themselves before they get their jaw broken since the predator's biggest strength is operating undetected and under the radar you will never know who it is or will be that is the pedophile. Don't be fooled by the media, newspapers into thinking that most people in this world are nice, if it was so then why aren't all these nice people 100,000 of them daily protest by the white house to put pedophiles to death? We are all ungodly sinners and are seeking to do good only to ourselves, while there are nice people out there, don't be fooled into thinking there aren't a flood of ungodly men all around us like kidnappers and those bunch who our gov't is not putting to death and endangering us all by doing so. Its a rough truth but the government is against your children since the bible teaches that these people are unfixable, irrepairable, there is no possible way to fix a pedophile other than a bullet in his brain. Our gov't is working for satan and most politicians have sold their soul for wealth and fame, and now are in debt to the devil to murder babies(abortion) and put laws in place that endanger us which are contrary to Levitical laws. Those who sell their soul like rappers have to dedicate their life into getting people to drink, do drugs, commit violence as a part of their contract for their material wealth. Also, if your expectation is that there is no God I promise you that your expectation will fail as soon as you die, since the bible teaches of a fiery hell that lasts forever as a place where all unbelievers go.
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