Poison -tina eat ur dinner
frederick   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I'm a noob, and I'm here to show you what I'm all about.

Ive had steam for a while, mainly play Teamfortess 2 in the big boi pond, which is the Europe :Kenny:

This is how i like to play pocket soldier : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRNUERvKDCo

:medicon: :steamsalty:ETF2L [etf2l.org]

FRAG Showcase:
Watch The Credits, They're The Cherry On The Cake

2017 March

2016 September

2016 April

2016 July

tenis skills [imgur.com]



Competitive tf2 Experience

6 vs 6
Season 29 Premiership 'The Bus Crew' - choo choo
Season 28 High Tier / 'My Son's Basket Ball Team ( 1st Place )
Season 27 High Tier / 'Deox fan club'
Season 26 Premiership / 'Lemmings'
Season 25 High Tier / 'Stevie Wonder's Aim School' ( 3rd Place )
Season 24 High Tier / 'Stevie Wonder's Aim School'
Season 23 Open Tier / 'IRL goof'
Season 21 High Tier / 'Brozone'
Season 19 Division 3 / 'Sirius Echelon' ( 3rd Place )
Season 18 Division 4 / 'Cracka Lakas'
Season 17 Division 4 / 'Remnant'
Season 16 Division 5 / 'Six Sexy Suckers'

TFTV EU Weekly Series #3 / 'Deox fan club' ( 1st Place)
Prolands Cup Top Bracket / 'Deox fan club' ( 3rd Place )
The Fresh Meat Challenge / 'Backyard Bullies' ( 3rd Place )
One Night Cup / 'Lemmings'
Forsaken Cup: Knock Out stages
Logjam Cup Higher Bracket
Turbine Cup Higher Bracket
Blast from the Past One Night Cup Medium Bracket

Insomnia LANS
Copenhagen Games 6v6 4th Place
i61 / 'Deox fan club' bad quality video
i58 / 'Stevie Wonder's Aim School' ( Team Picture [imgur.com] )
i55 / 'Crack Clan' Group Stages
My I55 Library [imgur.com]

Highlander Season 11 High Tier / 'c u nice try'
Highlander Season 5 Division 5 / 'Hello Kitteh Ninjas'


rivaL : "why u join lobby if your on macdonalds wifi"

*Market Gardened some guy*
Festive_: dafuq
Festive_: since when is the fucking market gardiner allowed wtf?
(steals his weapon)
Festive_ *DEAD*: thats my rocket launcher you fagget
Poison -lft-: LAWL

Soreloser1 : biggest set of virgins i've heard in one server
Soreloser1 : your life is a joke
Player Soreloser1 left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Slug : ^
Tained : hahahah
Antidote :P : AHAHAHA


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