Mr Improbable
Improbs the sphee.

Able to merc:

Spy: Open - mid - high (if you're desperate)

Medic: Open

Engie: Open

Please do not add me to trade. I am not selling anything unless i say so myself. Your random adds are undesireable and will be ignored.


Mister Bird's "A Special One MMXVI"

King Lambo the Second's "Kind-of First Assassin of his majesty, Lord Lambo, second of his name"

Dejavu's "The Spy Who Was Ok"

Dejavu's "Honorable Award of Golden Shower"



ETF2L: :



Moooschli everyday mr improbable?
Moooschli everyday one question, i dont get why people play not with amby? dont they have skill, or its easier to dmg with the revolve?

Can't really remeber Dory : mr improb do you do anything else that ambas
Mr Improbable killed Can't really remeber Dory with ambassador. (crit)
*DEAD* Can't really remeber Dory : -_-
Mr Improbable: Nope sorry

Immortalyes : are you a revolver main or something

ᶠᶸᶜᵏᵧₒᵤChelios : improbable - you are as shitty as players get in this game
Mr Improbable LFP open/midHLsub : mad already?
ᶠᶸᶜᵏᵧₒᵤChelios : spy is the cancer of this game, and you don't play other classes
ᶠᶸᶜᵏᵧₒᵤChelios : you will still loose
^ we won :>

Mr Improbable: now im gonna try to watch this anime episode for the fourth time in a row
Mr Improbable: every time something tf2 related interrupts me
Mr.XxX: kys
Mr Improbable: you're on my wall now, congratulations.

Sprasty: Hey! :D
Mr Improbable: Hello
Sprasty:Wanna merc ready steady pan? :D
Mr Improbable: well sure
dont know how to play though
Sprasty:Just pan
Mr Improbable:hookay
Sprasty:Ok lol
they denied you
For rsp
Mr Improbable: O_o
Cause we have tercio
Mr Improbable: Who the hell denies ME O_o
you're too good mate
Mr Improbable:LUL
Sprasty:go play with prem players
Mr Improbable:yes dad :c
Sprasty:get out of their mid view
Mr Improbable:i am low mid tho
Currently Online
Competitive History:
Current UGC team: Church of gaeta.rodrigues [] Silver sub spy

UGC history:
Season 17 Euro Iron - eLeFanT - Engie main
Season 18 Euro Steel - eLeFanT - Engie main
Season 19 Euro Iron - Meme Supreme - Spy main
Season 20 Euro Steel - Fat Kids Always Win At See Saws - Engie main
Season 21 Euro Steel - Girl Scout Dropouts - Spy main
Season 23 Euro Silver - Church of Gaeta.rodrigues - Spy sub
Season 24 Euro Silver - Church of Gaeta.rodrigues - Spy sub

Current ETF2L team: Divinely Celestials []

ETF2L history:
Season 10 Euro Open - Seal Team 9 - Spy main
Season 11 Euro Open - Nando's - Spy main
Season 12 Euro Open - Wax is literally trash - Spy main
Season 13 Euro Open - Stonks - Spy main
Season 14 Euro Mid - Stonks - Spy main

HLO #2: Nando's - Spy main

Current 6s team: lft open scout

ETF2L 6s history:

Season 25 Euro Open - Savage Fraggers - Medic main
Season 26 Euro Open - PEACEKEEPERS - Medic sub
Stahlblauer Rötling Sep 18 @ 4:31am 
Hey Improbs, i was only drunk and a little angry last night, please ignore me getting salty in the game, it's definitely nothing personal :steamsalty:
Ou wtf my screenshot you???
CANUCKJD1129 Jul 30 @ 9:06am 
Mr Improbable Jul 29 @ 11:17am 
V this guy lmao
CANUCKJD1129 Jul 29 @ 11:16am 
Carnage Jul 7 @ 4:30am 
You make my pee pee big