My favourite game - Counter Strike Global Offensive
My favourite weapon - Ak-47
My best rank - Master Guardian II
My rank (now) - Gold Nova Master
My favourite map - Mirage (only this xd)
My last team - SQuakyyTeam
My favourite player in CS:GO - zuhn (yeah, I love bhop)
In CS:GO, I love Bhop, so my idol is zuhn
In this game I have ~maybe 1200 hours ;)
Ayy Bro! I will give you good information!
Today is 23.10.2018, so a year has passed since the founding of the my team SQuakyy. My group for playing CS: GO starts again!! I'm collecting a new band and playing! The last time we went very far and we won the tournament in Poland in Krakow 2017

It's me! See you in the tournament m8 ;)
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