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♡Orbi♡ Jun 8 @ 2:53pm 
♡Orbi♡ Jun 8 @ 2:50pm 
hahahahahahahahah just reading this i can tell u bm everyone you manage to headshot, and ur an edgy sniper main too. So listen, I dont even main sniper so if you wanna bm someone make it worth their time.
Lil Dinki(Gunner Commander) May 13 @ 5:46am 
Not going to lie, i go sniper once and you get competitive about it. It gets pretty compulsive.
=HG= aιronoтano May 3 @ 1:43pm 
doctah is ashamed about himself
2D May 1 @ 3:03pm 
>is edgy, is f2p, and thinks killing friendlies is skill
very good yes
=HG= aιronoтano Mar 31 @ 7:53pm 
if you wondering why i run away, its because i need a advantage to headshot when least expected:steamhappy: