assless leather chaps
sexy sugar slurper   La Massana, Andorra
well im just a simple country boy who got fisted by daddy at the tender age of 7
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eoe you sound cute lowkey
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We regret to inform you that there has been a 48 hour suspension on your account regarding your subscription to We noticed you have bought products from our store section. You have exceeded the maximum amount of sex toys. But don't worry! They'll still be delivered, but your account will be disabled. Your shipment of:
- Vibrating Rainbow ButtPlug(s)
- BigDaddy™ Massage ♥♥♥♥♥
- Jefferson Family Sized Lubricant
- Black Night Nipple Clamps
- TesticleTwine™ Testicular Rope
Will arrive by Wednesday, December 9th, 2019!
Have a Wonderful Day!
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+rep a lad
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+rep A very smart nigwit.
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assless leather chaps Feb 23 @ 1:08pm 
im a hundo percent nibba