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:prisoner:Welcome to my profile, I am screenman ( aka ColdMeekly )

My favourite community out there is CLWO, it's full of the nicest people I have ever met. My second favourite community is the official Reverse Engineering community on discord. You will constantly find something new and interesting to do and talk about.

Coding and Reverse Engineering are both my hobbies and specialities - if you have a cheat for a game that costs a bit, and would like a cheaper deal hit me up and I'll see what can be done :csgoskull: I don't mind doing that as it will ruin their company and profits in the end.

Feel free to message me about Coding | Reverse Engineering | Networking or Cyber Security, I will accept any question as long as it's technical and not something that could be easily answered by using google.

VAC is doing its job finally: - for those who say they don't cheat because they risk too much haha

VAC got me! That's what happens when you test cheats on your main :D
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You 0xCC My Heart <3 Jul 10 @ 7:47am 
leWis you have 10 iq if you think report bots cause vac bans :D But you're so happy so I'm not gonna burst your bubble
leWis -iwnl- Jul 9 @ 1:50pm 

      🌟 Banned by ZONERBOT​.XY​Z 🌟
       We're banning faster than A​imware!

        Ban date: 2019-07-09 22:50:14

Siroy Jun 24 @ 5:56am 
+rep nice player! :)
R4ND0M Jun 23 @ 1:35pm 
cheating is sucha
really fun guy to play with :)
Patu :) May 2 @ 11:54am 
Hi Team !