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Hello There!

What a surprise to see you here!

What are you doing here anyways???
I hope not adding me to scam, its just gonna get you banned :rwShy:

well, anyways, here is my Trade Link

I guess thanks for stopping by!

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Wall of Info
Q: what is your name?
A: my name is Tom

Q: How old are you?
A: old enough to make a youtube channel

Q: Do you sell your items in your inventory?
A: Depends on the item, most of them are.

Q: What is your (are) favorite game (s) ?
A: if we are talking about 1 game, than it would be team fortress 2
if we are talking about multiple games, than it would be

Team fortress 2 (obviously)
Terraria (don't have it anymore since i refunded it because of frame skip ;-;)
Lords mobile (yep)

Q: What is your favorite (main) class (es)?
A: If we are talking about main, than medic
But overall, i like:

Q: What is your favorite unusual in Tf2?
A: Spellbound/Arcana

Q: What is your favorite unusual taunt in Tf2?
A: Fountain of delight

Q: What is your favorite Hat in Tf2?
A: Max's severed head

Q: When are you online?
A: Well, im Online like nearly all the time since i have nothing better to do

Q: Can we play together?
A: Depends if i want to :/

Q: do you like anime?
A: 1st of all, why would you ask that
2nd of all, yes, i do

Q: what anime you like?
A: Jojos bizzare adventure
Sword art online

Q: what games do you hate?
A: Counter strike: Global offensive (just because of my pc being poopoo and i cant play it)
idk what else to add

Q: you gay?

Q: Best waifu?
A: Dio

Q: What's your discord?

A: ⎛⎝Styx Helix⎠⎞#1402

Q: what are you favorite songs?
A: Styx Helix
Chiisana Boukensha
Chica Dance
Torture Dance
Giorno Theme
Jouske Theme
Modern Crusaders
Traitors Requiem

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Charmander Jul 25 @ 9:06pm 
My mans left a comment asking if I needed a medic... yes yes I do ❤️
surii Jul 11 @ 1:39pm 
+rep the boi :jude:
ARH3ntai Jul 6 @ 8:24am 
+rep has good taste in anime
Edctyu Jul 5 @ 8:56am 
+rep he is a guy who is also a dude xD good player and -he knows english-
epic gamer Jun 28 @ 4:18pm 
Got a max's severed head now :D
epic gamer Jun 27 @ 5:19am 
Time to make Hammer and Sickle map art in minecraft.... yes