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About me ?
Im high as fuck everytime baby
Feel free to add but please let me know why

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So what this is saying is; that just as you don't know how you manage to be conscious, how you manage to grow and shape this body of yours, that doesn't mean to say that you're not doing it. Equally, you don't know - how the universe shines the stars, constellates the constellations, and galactifies the galaxy you don't know. But that doesn't mean to say, that you aren't doing it in just the same way as you're breathing without knowing how you breathe."

What do you mean I hurt your feelings?
I didn't even know you had any feelings.

Sign item=your weapon,gift wrap

-ELOBOOST- habib (Score:20) defeats Gokuflex (Score:7) in duel to 20 on Badland (<3_<3 rape is real)

Twitch channel: (pretty much dead to the lack of quality)

please don't be mad:

--Random stuff--

Mr.Raccoon: Mai stai mult cu aia scoasa ?
MoraL: fat pipes daddy
Tr1hexa: chlose
sa bagi manele
te fac faimos si eu pe yt
sa facem partz
Mr:Raccoon: asa pocket ca tine nu am mai vazut <3
Gokuflex: da baaa heal odata
Smoke: am gasit un hentai asa faain
aeric_: viata unui tigan bogat
Mr.Raccoon: bautura si depresie
bluR- :ba intra pe ch1 sa iti dau fms-ul ca mi-a dropat unu mai bun il fac +9 deseara
Flux : duti bă in pula mea mă (some real shit) (earrape warning)
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"A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content."
"Have a great Night."
bluR Jan 19 @ 7:47am 
#dicksoutforgoku Jan 17 @ 10:03pm 
bluR Jan 17 @ 1:32pm 
Ouarez cu laptie sa vezi ce l pun pe amonh sa te bată fmm
Flux Jan 17 @ 11:56am 
god tier tf2 player. Will throw orez cu lapte at you at any time
bluR Jan 14 @ 9:18am 
noob :steammocking: