Brandyn JC   Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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My FAV game: Team Fortress 2/TF2.
My FAV YTbers: Casperr, Muselk, Uncle Dane, Nate Fox, Delfy, NISLT, Dr. Love cat, and Element Finland.

My FAV thing to do: Rocket Jump!

my FAV video: Zero To Hero.

I never been HiJacked Before so, Yea.
I sell My Items For overpays To Make Profit! (Its EZ PZ).
My FAV Animal: Kangaroo.

My Main Classes: Soldier, Pyro, Sniper, Spy (a little) and Demoman.

I also Play Minecraft, My Minecraft name is ToughKak136 if you want to see me in Minecraft Highpixel!

What Im Selling:
Professional Killstreak Big Kill Kit: 2.18 keys (BP.TF)

Yellow Masters Belt: 1.55 ref.
War Pig (Painted, Named), 8 ref.

I Like Painted Cosmetics and Hats.

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https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=374560311&token=D7Ro5nlw .

Im A P2P.

And People That Act Weird and want Your Items, Dont believe them and block them, them unfriend them, It did happen to me a couple of times.
And Remember, Never Accept Random Invites.
I also Dong Play Gear Up. Why: Instant Crash when click "Play".
Im 11-12 Years Old So, Yea, Rude Comments In My Profile Will Be Deleted By Me.
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My Profile Was Created At October 3, 2016

I did have another account but my sister had it, i started playing TF2 at the tough break update! (2015).

Any random requestes will be blocked: accept, -->block<--, ignore

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remember me? the guy who gave you a filter for banana bay
ToughKak136 (scrap2unusual) May 1 @ 12:29am 
so i wont be online mabey nether coming back to the hootootiongaming account, (Mabey), idk why im doing this xD.
ToughKak136 (scrap2unusual) May 1 @ 12:29am 
This accounts my account, i can prove it, since my dad gave me his account to me and shared 2 games into this account im in!
HootootionGaming Mar 6 @ 3:35am 
Nikimaro Mar 1 @ 2:48am 
+rep fast bot
Calm yo nibba tits down son Feb 25 @ 2:33am 
+rep offers gud deals.