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Do not
༒ Jusͥτiͣnͫ ༒ Apr 23 @ 7:58am 
you better be :sfsmile:
NemoTheFish_ Apr 23 @ 5:20am 
omg im so excited
༒ Jusͥτiͣnͫ ༒ Apr 23 @ 5:14am 
signed by le famous Just1nLTU :awyea:
Max Taylor Apr 11 @ 12:11pm 
I delete tou becouse i dont know you sorry
༒ Jusͥτiͣnͫ ༒ Apr 6 @ 6:22am 
WARNING. This guy was supposed to buy our washer dryer machine for 150$. He wanted to see it working first, and asked if he could do a loud of laundry. After he finished, he said "let me go get the money", got in his car, and drove away with his clean clothes.