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ETF2L [etf2l.org]
UGC [www.ugcleague.com]
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:theShipWrench:Highlander Experience

UGC Highlander:

Season 21: Main Engie, EU Steel - Not Yet Specified
Season 22: Main Engie, EU Silver - Not Yet Specified
Season 23: Main Engie, EU Silver - Not Yet Specified
Season 24: Sub Engie, EU Plat - Art of Throwing
Season 25: Main Engie, EU Plat - Art of Throwing

ETF2L Highlander:

Season 12: Main Engie, Mid - Not Yet Specified
Season 13: Main Engie, Mid Playoffs - Not Yet Specified
Season 14: Main Engie, High - Not Yet Specified
Season 15: Sub Engie, High (3rd place) - SENSATION

Tatty G: good job on making it past the genius of a 12 year old
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You think so ? Its awesomeness is still nowhere near the golden wrenches', sadly.
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that must be the dankest wrench in existence
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I eat prem spies for dinner my dude