I am a   Niger
Dear scammers, stop trying to scam me when i have 5000 hrs in tf2 im not dumb u are
Thanks, Sopu

Trade Link:

About what kind of friends i accept --- i accept nice, friendly people but i DO NOT accept private profiles or people below steam level of 2

Here i will list all the peoples names who have donated me kindly (btw im not gonna list the weps takes too long :3) :

*-=|SR|=- Shonic
*MLG Doge
*[GEWP] NeoChristian_Gamer
*Busta Nut

Worst Trader ever:
the fluffy pinguin: ok
the fluffy pinguin: so
the fluffy pinguin: nothink is wrong with my unu
the fluffy pinguin: so
the fluffy pinguin: what are ya wanna ?
the fluffy pinguin: if you wanna buy it
the fluffy pinguin: yoou can buy if for 120 keys pure or unu overpay :3
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: its not clean
the fluffy pinguin: it is
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: so i wouldnt buy it full price
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: no its not
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: check
the fluffy pinguin: yeah
the fluffy pinguin: what hapend to it ?
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: u obviously dont know how to trade high-tier
the fluffy pinguin: how much you can give for it ?
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: 82
the fluffy pinguin: keys
the fluffy pinguin: pure ?
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: probably
the fluffy pinguin: dont waste my time
the fluffy pinguin: i got ofgfer 100 keys
the fluffy pinguin: pure
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: lol
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: ok
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: cool dude
the fluffy pinguin: u need like 170 keys when you pay in items
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: cool
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: thats soo much for overpay
the fluffy pinguin: not much
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: lol salt :steamsalty:
the fluffy pinguin: you are poor mate
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: yea definitely
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: as tho 10,000+ ref bp isnt expensive
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: then what r u
the fluffy pinguin: ?
the fluffy pinguin: rep is free XDDD
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: if im poor then what r u
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: ref dumbass
McDonalds | I'm Lovin' it: LOL
the fluffy pinguin: go fukc your self with 5 k in tf2 you no life XD

Hilarious autistic rage:
Hazard™: U have a aussie!
Hazard™: my bacpack still costs more though
(i check his bp on, it doesnt cost much)
Murphy da Derpy Meganium: haha yea right
Murphy da Derpy Meganium: ur bp costs nothing
Hazard™: stupid kid
Hazard™: fucking ego
Hazard™: kys
Hazard™: I Dont even care ur item ur noob
Hazard™: Stupid kid
Hazard™: Ur backpack
Hazard™: pfft
Hazard™: I Will get it
Hazard™: Lol
Hazard™: I hope u get scammed kid
Hazard™: dont seek me
Hazard™: u fucking cunt
Hazard™: friend like u
Hazard™: is dumbass fucker
Hazard™: gtfo noob
Hazard™: 1v1
Hazard™ is now Offline.
(wants to 1v1 but goes offline...)

Funny Chats with Shonic the sleep deprived white boi:
-=|SR|=- Shonic567: im super tired
SopuGenratorDesu | 10$/DenkSopu: den sleep u fucktard
-=|SR|=- Shonic567: sorry
-=|SR|=- Shonic567: ikm sotured
-=|SR|=- Shonic567: oh mu god
-=|SR|=- Shonic567: Ok im typing with my eyes closed
-=|SR|=- Shonic567: WOAH
-=|SR|=- Shonic567: my mic is softer than my dick rn

5000 hrs noob: your nickname is asshole ()
-=|SR|=- Shonic567: im honored
5000 hrs noob: u shud be
-=|SR|=- Shonic567: if i touch my self im touching an asshole
-=|SR|=- Shonic567: actually nevermind, thats gross
5000 hrs noob: lol
-=|SR|=- Shonic567: i take it back
-=|SR|=- Shonic567: I TAKE IT BACK
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Soups Jan 4 @ 8:02am 
ty Scoot <3
★SC00TKAPTAIN™ Dec 31, 2018 @ 9:12am 
Happy New year!
you're still a meme generator in my book
Soups Nov 14, 2018 @ 8:09am 
rip same, even lost an unus boa
shonx Nov 13, 2018 @ 5:50am 
Im sry ♥♥♥♥♥, lost like 2000 to it aswell
Soups Nov 13, 2018 @ 2:50am 
shonx mah nibba that was when i had♥♥♥♥♥♥b4 i lost most of it to gambling and cashed out the rest
shonx Nov 5, 2018 @ 9:12am 
Dear scammers, stop trying to scam me when i have 5000 hrs in tf2 im not dumb u are.. WHO WANTS TO SCAM YOU POOR♥♥♥♥♥NIBBA??? :D