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Indispensable Elite Squad
Squad for Indispensable Elite
Clan head admin
If u want join ask clan head admin. I'm feel free to add every ze player, i have 760 friends location, so don't worry about friend request.
But i won't accept Random guys and link trader :BITRAY_Mocking:

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跳者 2 hours ago 
Pivovaric 14 hours ago 
KenGT1 че делается че делается)))
Sedna 20 hours ago 
and all lasers shaped like pizza
Sedna 20 hours ago 
all lasers are spinning now
KenGT1 Nov 17 @ 7:14am 
add more blue lasers plz :squirtheh:
KenGT1 Nov 17 @ 3:58am 
my most hated admins on ze: Pivovaric, every single n4a admin because they are cancer, almost all nide admins expect maus, klixus and batata.

i went on nide one day for westersand v7_2, it was epic and ♥♥♥♥ pivovaric he is severly such a cancer Russian admin he ebans me for no reason, gags me and mutes me even tho i dont use voice chat.♥♥♥♥♥♥admin i hope pivo gets demoted and gets perm banned on EVERY SINGLE ♥♥♥♥ING SERVER!!!!. i really like how hes perm banned on unloze its now safe. Thank god he got banned he needs that.