quintosh : mr strike promise that you uninstall your game after this lobby
04:11:04 quintosh: yeah when you use a retard gun that makes you 100 times better than you actually are.

00:20:36 ETF2L: Real Men's Highlander™: oh well
00:20:39 ETF2L: Real Men's Highlander™: beggars it is then
00:20:50 miniflip: no dont
00:21:05 miniflip: think of the pyro

"Yeah, but who cares about the spy?" - Royale, the spy main.
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Rip Strike - We'll always remember you
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rest in peace Latvian pride,leader of all the lobby stackers
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My asd had multiple ruptures pliz send help
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Rip xddd
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fucking nerd come back
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hier is my rashan medico