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If you cut off Mike wazowski’s legs, does that count as decapitating him?
me and my friends can't come to an agreement on this topic

opinion 1: yes it counts, the entire round part is the head, and the whole face must be cut off for it to count, pretty simple

opinion 2: no it doesn't, he still has arms, one would assume he has a stomach and stuff in the bottom half of the round part which wouldn't be considered the head, decapitation would be cutting him across just above the arms, this would mean that Mikes eye is on his head, while his mouth is more on his torso, in addition, most creatures in the movie(s) come from a source of realism (eg. randall being a generic lizard, the mean lady being a slug, and the boss guy being a spider, and sully being some kind of bear or something if you count that) so it's fair to assume there's some kind of realism as to where Mike's stomach, kidneys, bladder, etc goes

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