Corporal Lykins   Kentucky, United States
A retired USEA veteran (ITS NOT MILITARY RELATED), also in the Army Reserves so i try to play as much as i can. You can comment shitty or cools thing to me and ill read them until my balls melt. Why comment to my fucking profile cause what life do you have to waste your time.
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退廃的な Nov 11 @ 7:18pm 
Removed 'cus either we haven't talked in a while or I don't know/remember you.
The Handsome Moonman™ Oct 21 @ 5:37pm 
I know that name from somewhere.
SWM.Chumlee Oct 18 @ 12:15am 
a meme found on google for people`s wife`s
SWM.Chumlee Oct 18 @ 12:09am 
i`ve benn swaggen your wife
doomsword6 (selling stuff) Oct 14 @ 11:57pm 
he is kermit
sp00n me daddy Oct 5 @ 12:14am 
cool men