the boy in blue
ETF2L []

my long tf2 team history


ETF2L -s12 open scout for CandyKings []
ETF2L -s13 open 3rd place medic for Heroes and zeros []
ETF2L -s14 mid 3rd place medic for Heroes and zeros []
ETF2L -s15 high medic sub for Saukot []
ETF2L -s16 mid medic sub for neko_succ appreciation club []
UGC -s22 silver medic sub for We rock []
UGC -s25 plat medic sub for Bucket fanboys []


ETF2L -s28 open playoffs scout for Alepagamers []
ETF2L -s29 low medic for Beyblade jr []
ETF2L -s30 low medic for Quality Control. []
ETF2L -s31 low medic sub for Quality Control. []


EU -s1 invite (XD) medic for Nova7 []

important cups won

Highlander preseason cup mid s14 1st place with Heroes and zeros []
Highlander preseason cup open s16 1st place with Cult of Ossian []
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