Some cool dude dat plays heavy,scout,sniper and demo alot :3   Drenthe, Netherlands
have 7k+ hours in game.. still shit at it.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ public enemy memelord + competive dipshit in ugc silver and open silver as heavy.

If you have something to not worry about, dont worry about it. ~ Fluffy's speech exp level raised by 5xp |505--------------------------600

ahhh sweet flame wars witha twist of pepsi <3
I dont know what i should main, eh lets play 7/9 classes then :3
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Sent offer on Haunted pro ks bat.
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your motherboard will fit into any case that supports atx motherboards, which is the majority of them

If you are looking for a new case I would try looking on craigslist/local selling apps of the equivalent where you live. You can often find used cases for 30%+ off.

The more you spend on a simple rig's case = the more money you waste imo. Use whatever money you don't spend on a case to upgrade your ram (which will have to be ddr3) and to put towards your 1060 (which I would recommend getting a 6gb version).

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+rep, nice guy
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+rep good boy ;)
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