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Bugoo |Ham Mafia| Jul 24 @ 10:17am 
I added ya, lets play some TF2, see if you can beat "The Furry." Oh, Swish might join too, so you can prove you're better... Unless you're too much of a ♥♥♥♥♥.
Bugoo |Ham Mafia| Jul 23 @ 11:18pm 
Only 635 hours in tf2 compared to over 2,300 hours on my friend's, and over 1,050 on mine. I've played with him, and if you were "Kicking his teeth in" as you claimed, then you're the next Swipez. Grow up, accept defeat, move on and get better.
Sem Jun 27 @ 7:00am 
cringe kid
♥DanFR♥ May 29 @ 8:03am 
-rep 11yrs old kid racist and dumb af as well
76561199133495607 Apr 4 @ 5:41pm 
+rep E
geralt z rivii Feb 4 @ 5:48pm 
matka cie bije