New DLC Available - PAYDAY 2: Gage Weapon Pack #02

Product Release - Valve
Jan 30, 2014
Gage Weapon Pack #02, all new content for PAYDAY 2 is Now Available on Steam!

The Gage Weapon Pack #02 is the third DLC pack for PAYDAY 2. The Cloaker makes a return to put fear in the hearts of every criminal. Gage has the perfect antidote however and brings back the Light Machine Gun and introduces melee combat weapons to counter them. With the Light Machine Guns, players can provide cover for each other by unleashing devastating attacks.

Three Light Machine Guns and four Knives are added to the players arsenal. Four new masks from Gage's collection have been added, as well as new patterns and materials.

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redneckj007 Feb 26, 2014 @ 3:22am 
i bought this but its not ingame?wwhere do i get it from
Tonx Feb 17, 2014 @ 11:20am 
Cloaker Way too OP when you plan with 2 persons or less. pls patch
Gschänder Feb 10, 2014 @ 11:00am 
please ironsight MG!
volosemir Feb 8, 2014 @ 7:43am 
wann erhältlich ,whan can buy this
K1 (army3215) Jan 31, 2014 @ 8:46pm 
Shoud Make It so you can ironsight MG while crouching
Gah2 Jan 30, 2014 @ 2:41pm 
Fantastic DLC!
-==_А_У_Е_==- Jan 30, 2014 @ 10:04am 
lol okay
*<:D Ackermann Jan 30, 2014 @ 9:53am 
And now !!! Patch PLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!