Modder replaces Ark's dinosaurs with Pok mon, is quickly slapped with DMCA notice [Updated]

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Jan 15, 2017

Update 2: The DMCA notice has apparently been lifted, and no longer appears on the mod's page in the Steam Workshop.

Update: We've spoken with the developer of the Pokémon Evolved mod who has confirmed that, as of right now, this DMCA notice appears to have been submitted by another modder (or a supporter of that modder) who is also developing a Pokémon mod for Ark. (Copyright infringement claims can be submitted by parties who are not copyright owners.) Drama! We'll let you know if we receive any further information.

Original story: A mod for Ark: Survival Evolved that replaces all of the survival game's dinosaurs with Pokémon has appeared in the Steam Workshop, though if you want to catch 'em all you might need to be quick about it. The Workshop page states that "A DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement has been filed on this item." As of Sunday, five days after the the mod appeared, it is still available to be downloaded, though that may change in the near future.

We're not sure yet who issued the DMCA notice—we've inquired and will let you know when we hear back (and we have: please see the updates)—but it could definitely spell trouble for the mod, especially since modder 'Mystic Academy' admits the models and animations used in the mod were imported directly from Pokémon X/Y rather than recreated from scratch. The modder only made changes to ensure the models worked in-game.

We'll keep you updated as to the status of the Pokémon Evolved mod, which, legality aside, looks pretty cool. There's no resource gathering—you just hunt, fight, and ride Pokémon. You can watch enthusiastic YouTuber Riot enjoying it here.

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ChYph3r Jan 17, 2017 @ 2:59am 
How can a modder that uses the same copyrighted material slap a DMCA against another modder using the same DMCA's material? That guy that submitted it doesnt even have rights to the copyrights of the said infringment.
Clan Wolf Jan 16, 2017 @ 4:03am 
modder cat fight then?
THEE Artist Formerly Known As Jan 16, 2017 @ 3:00am 
Didnt Nintendo threaten to sue a guy over a Pokemon themed party he held a few years back? Yall act like Pokemon isn't watched like a hawk by Nintendo. If it gains a lot of attention and it's Poke-themed, Nintendo hits you with a Nintendon't do that or we'll sue you.

That being said, the mod looked spectactular. Almost makes me wish i bought ARK.
fцику мцику Jan 16, 2017 @ 1:22am 
All the pathetic fucking idiot is going to do is get his own mod DMCA'd in response
Bolt Vanderhuge Jan 15, 2017 @ 11:40pm 
"Fuck Nintendo, even though Nintendo didn't actually do this one, it was another modder."
fцику мцику Jan 15, 2017 @ 10:42pm 
dcove78 Jan 15, 2017 @ 4:04pm 
People make gmod addons all the time that would infringe with copyright. Why does the DMCA not put a notice on those?
Dr. Dingo Jan 15, 2017 @ 3:21pm 
This is censorship.

But because it's Pokemon, I don't care.
[TIL] JesterGorky Jan 15, 2017 @ 1:34pm 
lol it'll still be more successful than the nintedo switch
A Hetero Cis White Male Jan 15, 2017 @ 1:32pm 
There's copyright infringing skins in the cs go workshop, does it mean anything?