New DLC Available - Shadow of Mordor: Power of Shadow Test of Wisdom

Product Release - Valve
Oct 21, 2014
Shadow of Mordor: Power of Shadow and Shadow of Mordor: Test of Wisdom, all new content for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor are Now Available on Steam!

Power of Shadow: Strike terror into your enemies as Sauron's most fearful Servant, the Black Hand, and upgrade your Sword, Dagger and Bow to be weapons of renown with the Runes of Power bundle.

Test of Wisdom: Prove your strategic abilities in this Challenge Mode as you pit yourself against the most highly trained Legion of Sauron’s Forces. Earn points for skill, speed and efficiency and build your Legend on the Leaderboards.

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БОГ Dec 7, 2014 @ 2:42pm 
Add "Ultra" option to "Lightin Quality" in settings please!

Let me remind you also that you still have not made this game for Win32 and DirectX 10. You can block some graphics settings, they can not be put on the Medium / High / Ultra graphics quality, cut texture quality and reduce the number of orcs, then the game will work fine on these systems!! Dragon Age: Inquisition works fine on DX10, why this game can't?!

Also, it is necessary to improve the regime Vendetta: my friend from Steam died, I get a message that it is necessary to take revenge for the killing of a certain Captain. I'm killing of the captain, but the mission is generated again when you move. Moreover, another captain with other characteristics. I believe that it is necessary to fight with the captain, who had killed the player, not generated. After your victory, he disappears in friend's game.

If it's lazy developers don't do this, Dragon Age: Inquisition became "Game of year" 2014!