July Update Is Imminent

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Jun 28, 2016
The next update for Garry's Mod will be coming next month.

Pre-release Steam branch
The pre-release Steam Beta branch for Garry's Mod has been updated and contains all the changes that will be included into the next update.

You can see the full change list for the next update as well as how to join or leave the pre-release branch here:

The next update, while not having a usual massive amount of changes, comes with two very big features:
  • Steam Peer-To-Peer - Allows people to play with each other without having to mess around with your router, modem or firewalls, similarly to how CS:GO does it. This is best suited to play with a few of your friends and is not meant for hosting public servers. Simply start a mutliplayer game from your main menu and invite your friends through the Steam Friend's List.
  • Queued(Multicore) Rendering - This will boost your in-game performance in most cases up to double the frame rate. Currently the option is hidden and you will have to enable it manually every time in order to use it, this is in case there are still problems with it. Instructions on how to enable it are below

To enable Queued(Multicore) Rendering, enter the following console commands into your console before entering a game.
gmod_mcore_test 1 mat_queue_mode -1 cl_threaded_bone_setup 1

The pre-release beta branch is compatible with all servers in the game, so you will be able to play on servers and test the game at the same time!

Help us test it!
We ask you, players and modders alike, to help us test this update so that there will be as few problems as possible.

We urge you to spend around 15 minutes in single player, testing your addons and whatnot, and report any issues you find that did not happen before here:
Or at least in the comments of this announcement.

If you own a Garry's Mod server, we highly recommend you test your server on the pre-release branch. Information about using experimental branches on dedicated servers can be found here:
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