Now Available on Steam - King Arthur's Gold, 10% off!

Product Release - Valve
5 Nov, 2013
King Arthur's Gold is Now Available on Steam and is 10% off!*

King Arthur's Gold is a multiplayer game played with up to 32 players.

Build castles and wage war on the enemy team as a knight, archer or builder in a fully destructible medieval world. It blends the best cooperative aspects of Lost Vikings, mashes them with Worms, with the visual style of Metal Slug, made by the creators of Soldat.

*Offer ends November 12 at 10AM Pacific Time
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2 comentários
ogre 5 Nov, 2013 às 14:05 
How do I get the steam key?
ZetsubōKibō 5 Nov, 2013 às 12:05 
Awsome :)