New DLC Available - Total War: ROME II - Blood Gore

Product Release - Valve
31 Οκτ 2013
Total War: ROME II - Blood & Gore, all new content for Total War™: ROME II is Now Available on Steam!

Experience the violent horror of the ancient world battlefield with Total War: ROME II Blood & Gore DLC.

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mmpeinado 5 Νοε 2013 στις 8:04 
It should be for free.
Akhrehn 2 Νοε 2013 στις 12:30 
I personally think it is a shame to offer this DLC for money. It should be for free!
mariano.kristian 1 Νοε 2013 στις 21:00 
Aye quick question: how do we remove an installed mod?
ravenbeast 1 Νοε 2013 στις 16:28 
how come they can make all these videos for every single DLC but they can't do the same for the main game? even the historical battles don't have a proper cinematics ...
Springmyster 1 Νοε 2013 στις 15:58 
Indeed this should be free. This was not released because it would make the game instanty R18. But it looks damn fine and i am going to get it. If you dont want to pay then dont. But stop complaining.
HighKnightsHemplar 1 Νοε 2013 στις 15:54 
thankssssssssssss CA!!!! YAYYYYYYYYY
jakobharentis 1 Νοε 2013 στις 12:51 
Can everything be made into DLC now? Personally I'm not going to pay 2,49 euro for this. It's too expensive for what it is I think.
Cuntmeister69 1 Νοε 2013 στις 12:01 
Really? Wtf, i dont gonna pay for somthing thats use to be standard in a war game.
ImperaGuard 1 Νοε 2013 στις 11:33 
Coś tu jest zdecydowanie nie tak, skoro za wprowadzenie usprawnień graficznych życzą sobie 2,5 euro. Kpina z graczy.
Rhaegar 1 Νοε 2013 στις 11:10 
no $2.99 for joo CA until FPS is fixed.