Latest Update June 14, 2023

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Today we’re shipping a significant update to Steam Client, with new features and improvements to the Steam Desktop experience. This includes:
In addition to these features, a good portion of the work we did in this update went into significant improvements under-the-hood, including changes to how we share code across Steam Desktop, Steam Deck, and Big Picture Mode.

Read more about the update and watch the announcement video in the blog post here.

Other changes:


Friends & Chat

Big Picture Mode

Steam Input

Steam Deck

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the steam client from immediately reconnecting to the steam servers when resuming the system from sleep.
  • Fixed an intermittent crash when the OS audio server restarts.
  • Fixed a case where the per-app Steam Play compatibility tool override dropdown would not appear.
  • Fixed 'Delete Proton Files' not cleaning files that contain : in the path.
  • Fixed a crash when steam fails to connect to the pulseaudio server.
  • Added a 'Compatibility' tab to Settings where SteamPlay settings can be changed.
  • Steam will now use the system's global scale factor as configured in KDE settings. Specifically org.gnome.desktop.interface/text-scaling-factor.
  • Added a commandline switch to override the window scaling factor: "-forcedesktopscaling ".
  • Dynamically update the UI's scaling factor when the KDE system scaling setting changes.
  • Fixed issue preventing locally installed tools from being used as default steam play option.
  • Fixed issues with listing and adding flatpaks as non-Steam shortcuts.
  • Fixed Steam Linux Runtime compatibility tools not being installed to support a title in some cases.
  • Known bug: Enabling hardware acceleration on Nvidia GPUs may cause Xorg to crash. On this platform hardware acceleration is disabled by default, but it can be enabled Settings->Interface or by opting into the beta branch.
  • Known bug: dpi scaling may not work correctly when hardware acceleration is disabled.

Remote Play
  • Fixed the remote player getting "host busy" dialog after the overlay is dismissed
  • Show MB/s instead of KB/s in the bandwidth rate settings.