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Welcome to my Profile / Game Dev News
Hello and welcome to my profile. I am PlanZed. I do a lot of stuff, but I mainly create games. If you want to follow the current game I am working on then you can go on my Twitch [] or join my Steam Group for my game. I do not have a set schedule for my Twitch, I just stream whenever I have free time and I am feeling up for it. I will also try and update my Steam Group everytime I add something new.

I will also be adding screenshots of 3D Models, Game Screenshots and more about games I am developing.
[CC]★Red✪SpriteΩ27★ May 3 @ 2:02am 
++REP Great guy! Helped me out with trading since I'm old school; had patience & integrity to add a reclaimed that was missing and I didnt even notice.:rep2:
DJ Jake Apr 25 @ 2:43pm 
Have fun
Thundermel0ns Apr 12 @ 5:44am 
Id like to trade for some of your items (tf2) since im fairly new, ill un-add you after thats all im going for
PlanZed Apr 11 @ 10:29am 
DJ Jake Apr 11 @ 4:02am 
Dezalt Mar 10 @ 12:44pm 
+rep good Pepperoni