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SnowMan Oct 27 @ 2:36am 
Hi, Reddit Official Steam group made big giveway for every new member so everyone who join group receve Pudge or PA arcana. I have instruction in my profile if you need :)
Accept Oct 27 @ 1:07am 
You are winner on weekly giveaway! Get your Dragonclaw Hook or you can choose any items dota2 on
Use the code:
"Without Deposit"
or contact support in the chat room for more information
Inj3ctor Sep 29 @ 5:54am 
SnowMan Aug 11 @ 12:16am 
I trade my pudge arcana for any 10 Dota2 rares - if you want send me trade offer, I will accept
EdwardEric△ Jul 21 @ 6:30pm 
Happy 😃IndepenDICKS🍆💦🐳 Day 🙌🇺🇸 ❗Shout out📢📣 to our POUNDING🔨😷 Father THOTmas👏🏻👏🏻 Jefferson 4🔢 writing📝 the 📜🍆DICKloration of InepenDICKS.💨🍆💦❗Dont🚫 forget💁🏻 to set off💦🎆 those 🔥fireTWERKS 🎊 🎉 🎇 tonight🌃❗ 💕Make them explode🍆💦💦 in the sky🙏🏻