LyStaD -K-
R L   Vestfold, Norway
It's the R baby, it's the god baby


Previous Teams:

HabboBling (Drolsum, Mystic, Sirius, Skancke, zynthex)
Lions (barney, nimmern, krtoi, sear, zynthex)
Bad Monkey Gaming (THUVE, scarface, atw, fonzie, zynthex)
eWAVE e.V (miztaken, sirius, drolsum, skratch, zynthex)
Celestial Gaming (akEz, haggis, base, toap, zynthex)
LAN Attendance

RanvikLAN 2009 CSS 5on5 #2nd
Polarparty 2010 CSS 5on5 #5th
DFEKT LAN 2011 CSS 1on1 #1st
RanvikLAN 2011 CSS 1on1 #1st
Polarparty 2011 CSS 5on5 #4th
DFEKT LAN 2012 CSS 5on5 #1st
The Gathering 2012 CSS 5on5 #1st (unofficial CSS comp
Polarparty 2012 CSS 5on5 #1st ( )
HadeLAN 2013 CSGO 5on5 #2nd ( )
DFEKT LAN 2013 CSS 5on5 #1st ( )
GalaxeLAN 2013 CSGO 5on5 #1st
HadeLAN 2014 CSGO 5on5 #2nd ( )
DFEKT LAN 2014 CSGO 5on5 #1st ( )
GlobeLAN 2014 CSGO 2on2 aim_map #1st ( )
ByLan 2014 CSGO 5on5
The Convention 2015
Copenhagen Games 2017
The Link 2017 lættiscoach #1st (fletch, meth0d, neto, jolieto, MV)
Galaxelan 2017 lættiscoach #1st (radifaction, ztk, frkz, fletch, neto)
Gigacon 2017 lættiscoach #3rd (MV, fletch, jolietoG, neto, meth0d)
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v.OGYOA Mar 8 @ 10:18am 
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PsyenZ Dec 22, 2018 @ 1:18pm 
+rep good teammate, ez ct side
Lord Nuke Oct 16, 2018 @ 11:18pm 
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