Dennis "Zyllo" Sørensen   Copenhagen, Staden Kobenhavn, Denmark
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I see the whole world and everybody looking like a duplicate
Bitch I do me, and that's the only way you'll ever see me doin' it.

-nod3d9ex -nojoy -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -novid -refresh 240 -freq 240 +mat_queue_mode 2 +autoexec.cfg -tickrate 128

bind "KP_INS" "buy ak47; buy m4a1;"
bind "KP_END" "buy smokegrenade;"
bind "KP_DOWNARROW" "buy flashbang;"
bind "KP_PGDN" "buy hegrenade;"
bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "buy deagle;"
bind "KP_5" "buy molotov; buy incgrenade;"
bind "KP_UPARROW" "buy vest;"
bind "KP_PGUP" "buy vesthelm;"
bind "KP_PLUS" "buy flashbang; buy flashbang; buy hegrenade; buy smokegrenade;¨"
bind "KP_ENTER" "buy awp;"
bind "KP_DEL" "buy tec9; buy fiveseven;"
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'Till i collapse
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LAN Events:
NLParty #2014 (QwerB, b4nks, ?, ? & me)
JULE NLP #2014 (QwerB, b4nks, ?, ? & me)
NLParty #2015 (QwerB, b4nks, ?, ? & me)
HLParty #24 - POWER.DK 3rd Place (washa, gæt_værk, ?, ndy & me)
DSRack PRE-POWER-LAN (donØ, Nunex, Sw4rmX, ndy & me)
HLParty #25 -POWER.DK 3rd Place (Fletcher, ishaQ, davillo, ndy & me)
KBHSYD LAN 2nd Place (jowisla, tea, Mankz ndy & me)
HTXLan xD 1st Place (jowisla, tea, davillo, ndy & me)
HLParty #26 1st Place (RaXXa, sk0v, ndy, Mankz & me)
KMG Lan 2017 3rd Place (ishaQ, wATOS, tea, ndy & me)
HLParty #27 1st Place (nicoodoz, pk, lilja, ndy & me)
HTXLan xD 1st Place (caver, ishaQ, Mankz, vFL & me)
Sensetivity ~ 2 (400dpi) Raw input on
Resolution ~ 4:3 1024x768 (Stretched) @ 240hz
Digital Vibrance ~ Max on monitor and 100% in NVIDIA Control panel
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7,847 hrs on record
last played on Jan 20
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last played on Dec 28, 2018
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last played on Dec 19, 2018
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ang hold
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