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So Gothic 1, well this game took me by surprise.

I was strongly suggested to stream and play Gothic 1 by the community of the game when we started to talk about the Gothic remake and Jesus it surprised me.

So first and foremost I will strongly recommend you use the "Spine" launcher or that you get the game on GOG as there is some issues running it directly via steam due to the age of the game and how the tech has changed since 2001.

Now that is being said, Gothic is prob the most buggy game I've ever played but also the most fun due to that, I ended up playing a majority of the game as a meatbug and managed to skip entire chapters by crawling below gates/blockers that I technically shouldn't be able to reach that point in the story.

This however made the game a lot more fun than I expect when first entering and seeing the reaction from some of the hardcore Gothic vets made it just so much more worth it.

The story in Gothic 1 is quite unique and is very compressed, which means you don't waste time doing a ton of quests or things overall that is not linked, everything is made sure to point you towards the end goal no matter what road you choose to go. All this gives you a fluent and fun experience without all the "time-consuming BS" that a lot of newer RPG's try to put in their games to make them take longer.

Overall Gothic 1 is a worthy experience that I believe every RPG gamer should play at some point in their life, graphics is a bit out of date but once you get used to it, it is really a great game.

If you have any issues the Gothic community is strong, very active, and eager to help at any given point.

Cannot wait to play the Remake when it comes out!

You can find the full playthrough of my stream here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNzA2CZK-qM

As always you can find more reviews/gameplay on my twitch channel - https://www.twitch.tv/zyddie

Disclaimer: I now work for the publisher behind Gothic 1 and Gothic remake but it did not impact my opinion of Gothic 1, we do make games I do not enjoy as well.
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