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Worst "OC" ever
[04:07:34] Dr.ChiruChi: ok no, looking up sexy cactus was bad idea
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Bario number bun

|What are you working on?|
Nothing really, I'm one lazy son of a dum.

|This box is pretty dum|

:crate:|Specs (Using Piriform Speccy)|:crate:
Operating System
Bindows 10 Pro 64-bit

And some other stuffzzzzohshitcringeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

:spycon:|Who are you?|:spycon:

:rrbjorn:|Hall of wat|:rrbjorn:
12:14 AM - !Avast AntiPony 9445: I poosh random butts to control the dingdons
10:12 PM - Benno950: im being killed to death
11:59 AM - Genowhirl70: take a long piece of raw sausage and jam it into the wall really hard


fish :cuddlefish::gallina:

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Wait, so there was another guy with pink cosmetics?
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What are you talking about "changing teams"?
According to steam we've played together a few hours ago on a valve server,
but you can't change teams on there, unless you accept that unbalanced teams prompt which I have not recently done.
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windows 10 XD#