Aivaras   Lithuania
I am an independent game developer.
I make games since 2013.

My new game: Magic of Autumn
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Welcome to my profile!

I am indie game developer Zuurix.

I started making games in 2013.

My first serious commercial game – Sector Six – was released on May 2016 as a Steam Early Access title.

In September 2018 it has left Early Access and currently, Sector Six is my most successful game.

Currently working on Light of the Locked World - fantasy RPG with local multiplayer.


:Vulgrim: Don't add me just to beg for keys.
:Vulgrim: Don't spam my comment section with emoticon/ASCII pictures of any kind.


:Vulgrim: Light of the Locked World
:Vulgrim: Sector Six
:Vulgrim: Magic of Autumn


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Zuurix Mar 24 @ 12:55am 
Oh, I see what happens. Azimar's Killframe sets maximum ether to 0, and game reads 0/0 ether as "You have 100% ether", so Auxillary Core is always active.
playstrike2004 Mar 23 @ 7:07pm 
To Zuurix, in Sector Six I have found a unique combo that is easily exploited. It's Azimar's Killframe (the set bonus) and the relic Lantern of Chances, Auxillary Core. With the removed ether and effect of the Lantern leaving you at 1 hp when having 50 of max ether, this leaves the user unable to be killed. I am currently using this combo currently and would like to keep it. But do what you will with said information. Love the game, and will love to see what you do next.:steamhappy:
Zuurix Mar 5 @ 11:19pm 
I can try
SepSlither Mar 5 @ 5:15pm 
Hey Zuurix so I reviewed your game sector six when you were still making it and you also helped me with a school game project. I've just started using Gamemaker Studio 2 Drag n Drop for my first ever proper game but I'm really stuck. Could you help at all please?
Zuurix Jan 12 @ 2:53am 
Yeah, work in progress.
K3W3L Jan 12 @ 2:36am 
Hi. I don't mean to disturb you, but when the soundtrack for Sector Six was converted to the new DLC format, it broke; right now, it currently downloads nothing.