ben: so, ur a bald, thieving, construction worker, with a nazi symbol on ur throat that walks around with steel capped boots demanding authority.

Rowan says:
pretty much.

Rowan says:
have you ever had short hair
as in
so short people fear you?

jacob. says:

Rowan says:
it feels good.

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i really dont care 5 hours ago 
that wants to influence us to build something that absorbs us and kills us rather than the divine uhhh Uhhhhh... free will we're given to build something much better that empowers the species so the species is now making a decision about.. Where are you getting this from? its entire future. Where are you getting this from? From...??

That's what it is.

But where are you getting it from? I KNOW. from the from looking at all the data researching it studying it watching the enemy that's the big decision that humanity has now... Got before us.
i really dont care 5 hours ago 
What are you talking? No... what? what is that? that have already been used before on other populations. What? (eddie: is that satan?) but what are you.. What are you talking about? That's satan. that's satan. adjusts headphones But explain that you're just.. You're saying WELL THERE'SATAN BECAUSE you're saying something insane SOMETHING THAT THE STUPID PREACHER TELLS U ABOUT WHOS TOTALLY CONTROLLED OR SOMETHING U READ ABOUT ON U KNOW IN THE NEWS OR TV BUT THIS IS AN INTERDIMENSIONAL FORCE
i really dont care 5 hours ago 
How'd the How did the pedophiles get in control of AI? well the pedophiles on whatever level (eddie: They rule ?) the devil whatever you wanna call it this interdimensional thing that gives them advanced off world technology the fallen ones not of this world is giving them advanced knowledge - What? And how to construct these sytems.
i really dont care 5 hours ago 
And so then it's the end of consciousness and free will for individuals as we know and a true 2.0 in a very bad way hive mind consciousness with an AI jacked into everyone knowing our hopes and dreams delivering it to us not in some P K D waterhead system where we plug in and give up on consciousness because of unlimited pleasure but because we were already wired in and absorbed before we knew it by giving over our consciousness to this system by our daily decisions that it was able to manipulate and control into a larger system there's now a human counter strike taking place to shut this off before it gets fully into place and to block these systems and to try to have an actual debate about where humanity goes and cut off the pedophiles and psychic vampires that are in control of this AI system before humanity's destroyed Humanity is only - Hang on pedophiles are in control of AI?
Arry 11 hours ago 
-rep, camp tunnel, slug, name it, garbage player.
i really dont care Aug 27 @ 4:53am