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Zoltan Pinter   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
:100: Trade link :100:
Very important to read and Understand that I AM CURRENTLY NOT TRADING ACTIVELY read below...
But when I do, I trade on , please be advised that my inventory never WAS and never WILL BE solely for trading, only send offers for the items I have listed on lounge.

Hi and welcome to my profile.

Should you wish to add me as a friend to play with me, thanks for seeing a teammate in me. I am not the very best, (I am pretty miserable sometimes), but I do have my moments and I am fun to play with. I do communicate and I am a team-player, (I may not be able to carry you, moreover I might be bottom fragging) :kill:

Important Bits and Pieces
:csgox: If you added me to trade, read first: :csgox:

I am a SteamRep donator:2016trophy:, so please let the fact soak itself in: You will not be able to scam me!
I have spent on Online Fraud Prevention, also have caught many scammers (all of them are already tagged for their intentions) meaning that I know pretty much all about scamming, but if you still wish to try ANY cheap scamming methods, you'll probably end up being tagged for "Intend to defraud".
That's absolutely trading 101 on Steam; ALWAYS check the profile of the person you are trading with on STEAMREP []

:csgoct: I've started my collection of CS:GO skins back in 2015, won some, lost some, but no worries, I am always in for decent trades, seeking mostly float and wear upgrades, so if you have anything to offer in exchange of anything that I have, send a trade link and I'll look into it.
Things you have to know if you decide to trade with me:
1) I do not care about stickers , especially if they are " worth a lot ", if I haven't placed it on the weapon skin, it is irrelevant in a trade for me.(According to classic trading-trends I am willing to count the applied stickers for 10% of their price) :Gil:
2) Unless I desperately want a skin and I offer you something more than it's worth in exchange, don't try to profit on me yet , unfortunately I am not in a position just yet to donate skins.
3) Regarding to "2)", I will not give you anything for free , whatever you find in my inventory, I have spent time with it to get it( either worked for it so I can buy it, or won it on a betting site after probably failing sometimes ), therefore they are not throwaway items.
4) Sad as it is, I have got scammed out of $150 in total back in February (2016) , therefore I have my trading terms and I accept no alternative methods . See in detail:
a)If you are buying items from me, despite of your reputation, I will need you to go first, (money transfer), unless the money is physically in my account, you shouldn't expect your "gifts" (empty trade on your end)
b)If you wish to use a middleman... NO WAY! , either I pick the middleman, or we will trade with each other, simple as that! There is no such thing as "item verification and we both know it.
c)If you lowball on any of my items, at least be able to give a very good reason for it (if you wish to overpay, also try to have a fair explanation as on why, I don't expect anyone to go bankrupt just because I have something they like)
d)If you try to get smart on me, after all that you read, thinking that you can scam anything away from me....bad luck, as I said above, I have my terms, no amendments on them!
5) If you have any throwaway skins, or a $0.15+ skin that you don't need, I can try to turn it into something that's $1+,(I can try to use it as a fill-in skin to get lucky) however, no guarantee on it, but know this: I don't need to "scam" $0.15 items away from anyone, I can buy whatever I would like to have. (R.I.P. CS:GO betting)
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Not actually for trading, there's no second inventory showcase :P
Omlás 13 de jan às 18:07 
Do you want some free skins? Then watch this video and enjoy.
swee 16/mai/2018 às 7:17 
+rep good player very friendly
DRAGIX | Selling Karambit 10/jan/2018 às 10:59 
+rep very nice trader ! :D
مايكل جاسون 1/jan/2018 às 1:45 
B.Ú.É.K !!!
مايكل جاسون 26/dez/2017 às 1:13 
Kellemes Ünnepeket :)
Mikal | 8/out/2017 às 5:47 
+rep nice guy, good trader