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Although I haven't played long, I did finish the campaign and plan to finish both Burial at Sea chapters. All I have to say is wow. This game slowly turned into one of my favorite games I've ever played. I literally completed the campaign in 2 days because I couldn't leave my computer. I was so emmersed in the universe that I didn't want to leave. I'm also one who easily gets won over by games with stunning visuals, and, my god, I was in love every time I looked around. If you can, get the whole Bioshock Collection package on sale, fall in love, and plan on playing the whole series (much like myself). A big recommendation from me, BUY THIS GAME!
Posted March 15, 2018.
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now that i have played for over 1000 hours, time to write a fresh review. the people that play this game suck. that sounds harsh, but let me elaborate. you queue up for some competitive, just trying to play and clear your mind after a rough day. you join a game, and start playing. you get scored on twice in a minute. everything is fine, until you see it. your teammate forfeits.
"no worries", you say, "we'll just score a couple and win."
but no. you look in the goal, and your teammate is upside down, doing nothing. he's throwing.
you call them out in chat.
"man i wish i had a teammate," you say.
then you see it again.
"bruh ur trash lmao," says the teammate throwing for no reason, "wish you could play this
game properly."
you decide to stay and fend for yourself, but end up losing. finally, the last straw.
"why were you throwing lmao ur trash at this game, uninstall and kill yourself", says your teammate.
they leave immediately after saying this, free of ridicule. you sit in your chair, behind your keyboard, staring at the screen.
you think, "how can one person be this ignorant? do these people actually exist in the real
world? what has this game come to?"
you ponder these questions as you begin your next queue. and the cycle continues.

tl;dr: people in this game are the most toxic people in any gaming community, yet i still put myself through hell every day for hours on end, because i gotta get cool goals that mean nothing in real life
Posted March 29, 2017. Last edited November 6, 2018.
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i had a whole paragraph written about this game 4 years ago, but all i have to say now is this.

if you choose to play this game, i hope you have thousands of hours of freetime to give to it
Posted June 17, 2016. Last edited January 20.
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