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A bomb defusal map set somewhere in the Mustang District in the Himalayas.

It was made for the 2019 Mapcore Exotic Places Contest.

Special thanks to Mapcore!
Created by - grapen and Squad
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Created by - nutmoney
So you think you got what it takes do ya?
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Potato Dec 1 @ 2:01pm 
-rep 0skill
KonniS Nov 28 @ 4:49pm 
damn he is so bad in cs
pls inv awp prince
Bad Sticker Crafts Sep 30 @ 10:43pm 
interested in your mac 10 ddpat
najly Sep 19 @ 6:18am 
add me pls :)
Zeniabodanna Jul 16 @ 3:44am 
send me a friend request, I need to talk to you