Rose   Minnesota, United States
:purplelilac::purplelilac: - Pic made by Alistair - :purplelilac::purplelilac:

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:2016skull: If you send me a random friend request and don't state why in the comments then I know you're a dirty scammer. I have the choice to keep you or unaccept, don't complain.
:2016skull: I am not trading my unusuals so please bug off, thanks.
I make art .3.

Can't we just get a fempyro model that's the normal pyro with some tiddies slapped on it?
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Is this a jojo reference?
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Can't Stand the Rain
:steamsalty: ~ For Naysayers ~ :steamsalty:
I'm Rose (The Fempyro). Yes, I already know That you're thinking somewhere along the lines of "It's a gamer grill! She must be another internet whore and thats why her name is fempyro!!! She ONLY plays pyro too!" It's cool if that's how you think but that's your own opinion. Maybe you should instead get to know someone first. It's just easier to assume and judge first though, huh?

:2016villain: ~ Info ~ :2016villain:
+ I'm Rose.
+ I play a ton of TF2 and draw.
+ I am indeed a Pyro main - I also play Heavy, Soldier & Sniper (Though I have on and off days with sniper).
+ My birthday is on March 21st ( LVL.20)
+ I started TF2 when I was 13yrs old and for some reason a female pryo amazed me. Since then the name Rose the Fempyro just stuck.

:balloonicorn: ~ Fav Quotes ~ :balloonicorn:
"If I can't speak my mind, I'll spill it out on the pages instead." - Kitsiyo

"Sit on my dick, Cloaker!" - Sydney from PayDay2

"Suck my non existent dick!" - Rose

Kaylie: It's official,
Kaylie: I'm gonna chop off my peepee and become a traffic cone for the rest of my life.
- IrRock on 12/31/17

:medicon: ~ Close friends ~ :medicon:
These people have been a huge influence in my life, this is in no particular order!
Alistair Nevis - My first interaction with him was INTERESTING, but now we're inseparable Alistair Assembly
Totapi - #1 vaporwave manz, probs was a crow or plague doctor in his last life
Jean the Spy - One of my longest friends who helped me in my TF2 journey.
Bwsr - Noob. Amazing person all around and the kindest. Is the reason why I have my unusuals to this day as well as my Aussie flamethrower.
Tropi - Best birb bab!
Teego - Another extremely close friend, we give eachother crap but will never take it to heart.
Duck Duck - He's the best duck and has been there for me.
Quakeable - The best fox around! Very sweet and adorkable aussie man!

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Haus Nov 24 @ 7:32am 
+rep very good with pyro and a good friend
ϺΞΤЯΘΉλϺ Nov 4 @ 2:45pm 
nice pfp
walllable Nov 4 @ 2:29pm 
Hi, just wanted to add you to see if you have an old piece of art from a couple years ago still.
Gay Furry Nov 3 @ 6:02pm 
Wanna draw my fursona doing a totem uwu?
★Ghostfire★ Oct 29 @ 6:04am 
I dunno about that one, chief.
Fillip Moris Oct 29 @ 5:00am 
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