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:aimasujima: Hello, My nick is Zirama Cheaterx
:seriousboss: Member of Literature Club since October 13, 2017 (#Team_Natsuki)
:eryn: I will not Accept Friend Request, with low level and only Play Mainstream Game
:liya: No Private Profile, also I don't play CSGO, Dota 2, nor PUBG, (If you see I play them that for idle). Or just tell the reason, why you add me..:momoko_laugh:

:bossalien: lim x --> World God, where f(x)=infinity
:iffy: Badge, Background, and Emoticon Collector
:vanilla3: I like Science, Math, Watch Movie and Anime, and Logical Theory
:planetbrahma: Where is Bogor and Why there are only sub city of Bogor? :Exxoplanet:

Trade link 1:1 with my duplicate card set only or see Custom Info Box below.
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Good Bye CSO ID. Publisher by Megaxus (2011-2019). Permanent Weapon Owned 84%, Honor 1225 (Red).
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Introduction | Perkenalan
Sorry for my english, I will learn english from Steam :SYMSchicken:
Hello my Nick is Zirama Cheaterx, but some times I use NFFl in front of cheaterx (NFFlcheaterx)
Mostly playing Counter-Strike Online Indonesia (Nexon) (rarely), and then Play Steam (Mostly) :ghostshadow:
I'm Badge, Background, and Emoticon Collector :sorashock: :bossalien: :sunalien: :crisisalien::minis:
And I'm Just ordinary player :Im_BoSS:, and Mostly silent reader :tingtao:.
Mostly active on My Facebook [web.facebook.com].
Feel free to add but, mostly I will not accept low level profile with only Mainstream Game.
-It will be good if you comment the reason why you add me? If not just...
...No spam person, No private profile, and always follow the rules (*.*)/ \(`.`)...
...Also I don't Play CSGO, Dota 2, nor PUGB. Please don't spam to me. (You see I play them that for time idle)

My Steam History | Sejarah Steam saya
:Yoru: Joined Steam 31 July 2016, for bought my first game Just Deserts | Gabung di Steam 31 Juli 2016, buat beli game Just Deserts
:Amane: Thanks For XOP [web.facebook.com] who share about that game | Terima Kasih buat XOP [web.facebook.com] yang sudah men share infonya
:cocochan3: Also Thanks for Nitrosfer and Faiz Akbar A.

:pgms_erina: Own 5th games on 7 Aug 2016 | Mencapai 5 Gim pada 7-8-2016
:minek: Own 10th games on 15 Aug 2016 | Mencapai 10 Gim pada 15-8-2016
:sakurafantasyardena: Own 25th games on 1 Sep 2016 | Mencapai 25 Gim pada 1-9-2016
:azuki: Own 50th games on 14 Sept 2016 | Mencapai 50 Gim pada 14-9-2016
:Sisterrom: Own 100th games on 24 Sept 2016 | Mencapai 100 Gim pada 24-9-2016
:itsumi: Own 250th games on 7 Dec 2016 | Mencapai 250 Gim pada 7-12-2016
:worriedshio: Own 500th games on 19 March 2017 | Mencapai 500 Gim pada 19-3-2017
:pgms_2_rui: Own 1000th games on 18 July 2017 | Mencapai 1000 Gim pada 18-7-2017
:con2_torri: Own 2000th games on 29 Sept 2018 | Mencapai 2000 Gim pada 29-9-2018
Natsuki (DDLC) Lover
:Yu_Qing_disdain: My Trade Link only interested trade 1:1 with my duplicate cards set only, except if my badge reached max level (lvl 5). Or maybe you want to give me a gift:hexhappy:
:Yu_Qing_disdain: My Trade Link Hanya tertarik barter 1:1 dengan kartu duplikat saya, kecuali badge saya sudah full, tapi tetep 1:1 :hexhappy:
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I already watch this series, and I really like this series. Maybe because I have no social skill (it's really disturb but at least I always try), mostly silent person, and I already have a job (I mean there's no easy job). I don't know why, but after watch this series, it gave me more spirit to face my life and my job.

What will you do if you have chance to ReLife your life from Senior High School again?.. For me I only want take the job :) (and fix my life)

Also I hope they add DLC content for ReLife soundtrack, and add more series/anime/movie for SEA Region.

last Sorry for my english... Hope OVA ReLife will release on Steam.
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A living, breathing Doki Doki Literature Club Natsuki for your desktop.

She is best girl. THAT IS ALL.
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Hallo! / Witaj! / ¡Hola! / こんにちは! / 你好! / Привіт! / 안녕하세요! / สวัสดี! / Olá! / Hello! / Здравствуй!
goigois1 Apr 22 @ 12:44pm 
As Far as I Know Steam Source Engine For TF2 and CS:GO Got Leaked , So an Exploiter Can Easily Hack Your PC And Make Whatever They Want , I Don't Recommend Play CS:GO or TF2.
Source: https://twitter.com/SteamDB/status/1252961862058205184
Video of Exploit: https://streamable.com/lvde3k

Tell Your Friends , Help Them Not Getting Hacked , Have a Nice Day! :luv:
Mai Apr 18 @ 8:25am 
Have a nice weekend :we_are_your_children:
goigois1 Apr 11 @ 10:12pm 
:emofdr: :weed: :luv: