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Please DM me on Twitter for deals, dont use steam comments.

This is my only account, anyone else claiming to be me are trying to scam you.
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:42blocks1: READ: :42blocks1: I will never contact you on Discord for buying and selling, any deal will be done through Twitter or THIS steam account. My discord is zipeL#3125, anyone else is NOT me.

I am always buying. I do not have discussion accounts, or any other accounts. If you did not deal with THIS account you did NOT deal with me.

Always be careful when buying & selling skins, be careful no matter who you deal with - and use common sense.


Can we trade?

- I do not trade unless it is high-tier items, nor do I sell any of my skins unless high-tier.

Can I get a free knife the cheapest one cmon bro?

- No

Can you pricecheck my skin?

- YES. If you ask when im streaming during a price-check stream on :-)

What is SkinBid?

SkinBid is my own marketplace/auctionsite, check out my guide here:


How to make sure you are dealing with me:

:brflash: STEAM LEVEL 401 JOIN DATE 26 JUNE 2010
:brflash: PUBLIC FRIENDLIST with many other known traders and pro players
:brflash: If you are unsure - you can always DM me on Twitter @zipelCS :-)

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Can you sign?
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Hej Oliver, sorry du får sikkert tusindevis henvendelser - men ville lige forhøre mig om du ville være interesseret i at prissætte eller købe min doppler og ak?
𝙈𝙞𝙣𝙞 ツ Sep 30 @ 9:14am 
I found something huge involving skins please give me a few minutes of your time 🙏🙏
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Signed my profile pls?
snoop. Sep 29 @ 11:26am 
Signed by rusmeisterOfficial :CSGOCT:
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Signed by rusmeisterOfficial :CSGOCT: