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This game is largely carried by it's unique aesthetics and colorful themes. When you look past that, the one true word to describe this game is bland. Largely recycled areas with the exact same lootboxes placed identically from the last outpost/building you were in. Largely recycled 'turn valve lef/right' puzzles that are extremely easy, as in 99% of them a kid in kindergarten would be able to solve within 30 seconds (no, really). Largely repetitive combat playstyle early in the game, by level 15 I had unlocked all the main skills I would be using for the rest of the game. I got my best guns at level 28 and didn't change up my gear since all the way through level 50 and completion.

Speaking of guns, even with a patch to decrease ranged damage over melee damage, you would never want to utilize melee weapons, solely because you can be interrupted doing your slow combos being locked in animation, and you also have no invincibility frames from dodging/parrying when you actually do get to use them, resulting in getting hit anyways. I was clapping 'boss' monsters left and right by just holding down the trigger button and strafecircling through it. There's a bug with the hitboxes aswell or bad design, so if you're dualwielding guns you CANNOT hit stationary turrets unless you unequip one of them. I was stuck on the first major bossfight for a couple tries not knowing why I couldn't shoot out it's legs, until a google confirmation showed me to unequip one of my guns, and badaBOOM the boss was dead within minutes afterwards.

Another big issue I have with the game is it's 'save points' for if you actually happen to die. Early in the game I came upon a bunker in a frozen area and I saw my frost resistance percentages went up, although slowly over a couple minutes. I went to the bunker lair, killed the boss, and then my resistance bar hit 100. I took ALOT of damage very fast and died right after in a continous loop respawning in that bunker without the ability to teleport out, taking damage, dying, repeat. I had to restart the game and lost a couple hours of progress.

A few saving graces are special vehicles that you get during the main mission or sidequests, but those are few and far between, are only utilized shortly - as in limited to a small area - and then you'll be on your mechanical horse again riding between objectives. To my surprise, a special vehicle is unlocked for just ONE boss fight in this game and you're back to traversing on horseback again for 5-10 hours. Why?

It is not worth the asking price, and even if it were 50% discounted I would not recommend this game to my friends over better more polished openworld games these days. I gave the game a shot hoping it would get better, but to no avail. Only get this game if it's heavily discounted, you're a fan of the artstyle AND you've already finished games like BotW or H:ZD.

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eric51 Aug 31 @ 4:06pm 
thanks for the compliment of "obvious aim assist", but i was just placed in a silver/gold nova lobby while LE. not cheating :)
Gromchi Aug 26 @ 10:43am 
- }{УЕП Гнида безмозглая Убейся об стену дура :steamthumbsup::RUSINI:
🚬ʰᵉᶫˢˢᵒᶰ💵 Aug 26 @ 10:42am 
-rep worst of all usa
+rep good player
maestrO Dec 28, 2020 @ 1:51pm 
this must be one of the worst team mates i have ever played with, hes only hunting for stars so doesent care of winning maps. Ofc toxic as hell and just a terrible person...TRUST ME KICK HIM AT THE START IT WILL BENEFIT YOU...
Adoraris Nov 29, 2020 @ 11:57am 
can you add me?