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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Aug 24 @ 8:22pm

Cat's Wildness

First execution of enemies
Unlocked Aug 24 @ 8:22pm

Wild Cat

Kill 100 enemies with executions
Unlocked Aug 24 @ 8:20pm

Agile Cat

50 Combos reached
Unlocked Aug 24 @ 8:17pm

Dream of Mysteria

Welcome to Mysteria!

Fog Dispelling

Investigation of the Foggy Canyon completed

Dark Energy Backfire

Defeat Aya, Hedes and Black Shadow, on any difficulty

Free Exile

Escape from other prisons

Revisit the Old Place

Discover the Castle of Ellia

God's Will

The "Shadowtail Chain Blades" obtained

Potentials Awakening

Defeat the "Echo, Guardian of Light" and "Prenton, the Mizigami" on any difficulty

Defeat the "Echo, Guardian of Light" and "Prenton, the Mizigami" on any difficulty

A small teddy bear obtained

Glittering Greenlight

All green crystals collected

Above the Top

Defeat "Michelle, Deity God of War" on any difficulty

Final Redemption

Kill "Sacred League Commander, Shayna" on any difficulty

Epic Writing

Pass game on any difficulty

Beyond the Legend

Pass game on the "God Of Death In Purgatory" difficulty

Absolute Death

5 deaths experienced

Exposed Cat

Use self-exposing skills 10 times


Kill 500 enemies

Holy Fury Cat

Kill 1000 enemies

Holy Cat's Tactics

No injury in a map

Superagile Cat

No injury in a BOSS battle on any difficulty

Handsome Cat

100 Combos reached

Artistic Cat

500 Combos reached

Rich Fruits

All 5 different fruits collected in the map of the "Ruri Forest".

Destruction Scythe

Completely strengthen the Scythe of Death

Ending Sword

Completely strengthen the Demon Sword

Death Entanglement

Fully enhance the Shadowtail Double Blade

Physical Fitness

Fully strengthen physical strength with natural essence

Drinking Poison

Fully strengthen magic power with Psychic Fire

Fettering Possessions

All treasures collected

Well-Read Skill

Read all notes

Well-Informed Skill

Unlock all enemies' skills

Super Greeedy Cat

Eat 20 swans

Inebriety to Dreams

Drink 20 Fantasy Cocktails

Lord of Darkness

Pass game on the "Underworld Legend" difficulty


Kown Blue