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Hello there, I am Ziiny!! I like video games and cupcakes. Muffins are great too.
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island55: if i were a super hero, i would cook the best french toast in the whole wide universe and fly directly to where you are for breakfast :LoveHearts:

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:psystar: twitch [twitch.tv] | kofi [ko-fi.com] | i960 Discord [discordapp.com] :psystar:
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Every Blu Team and Red Team should come home after a hard days work to try something tasty.

Rikka Takanashi Sep 15 @ 3:34pm 
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Tubaduba Aug 21 @ 6:24pm 
tf2 mario kart woo!
❤Ziiny Aug 13 @ 10:02am 
!report ziiny
yonk Aug 12 @ 6:40pm 
ban zinny please she ia hakcing
Flunkus Moritati Jul 24 @ 4:08pm 
im out here in a mask and this just falls from the sky like a gift from the creator.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFZNvj-HfBU