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Another Brick in the Wall/The Wall

Complete first BRUDER GEGEN BRUDER mission.


Complete second BRUDER GEGEN BRUDER mission.

Hell’s Highway

Complete third BRUDER GEGEN BRUDER mission.

The Bear awakes

Complete fourth BRUDER GEGEN BRUDER mission.

The Peacemaker

Complete fifth BRUDER GEGEN BRUDER mission.

Dabrowski’s Legions

Complete first DABROWSKI'S MAZURKA mission.


Complete second DABROWSKI'S MAZURKA mission.

Oil War

Complete third DABROWSKI'S MAZURKA mission.

Hamburger Hill

Complete fourth DABROWSKI'S MAZURKA mission.

The Great Escape

Complete fifth DABROWSKI'S MAZURKA mission.

The Hunter

Complete sixth DABROWSKI'S MAZURKA mission.


Complete first ABLE ARCHER mission.

Feuer Frei!

Complete second ABLE ARCHER mission.

You won’t have Alsace-Lorraine

Complete third ABLE ARCHER mission.

Deterrence Theory

Complete fourth ABLE ARCHER mission.


Complete first WASTELAND mission.

Civil War

Complete second WASTELAND mission.

Bridge over troubled Water

Complete third WASTELAND mission.

The Hammer

Complete fourth WASTELAND mission.

The Anvil

Complete fifth WASTELAND mission.


Complete sixth WASTELAND mission.

Dr. Strangelove

Complete seventh WASTELAND mission.


Complete first NATO operation.
0 / 5

Mazurka Dancer

Complete first WARSAW PACT operation.
0 / 6

Hero of the West

Complete all NATO operations.
0 / 4

Hero of the Soviet Union

Complete all WARSAW PACT operations.
0 / 7

Cold Warrior

Complete all operations.
0 / 4


Unlock all NATO units.
0 / 162


Unlock all WARSAW PACT units.
0 / 158