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Important Notes & Other Tidbits
Multiplayer Rules (any game):
> I don't PvP so don't even bother asking. This includes Source games like TF2 and L4D.
>> The only exception to this rule is Bot Bashing - or rather, de facto co-op.
>> Otherwise, the only multiplayer I wilfully engage in is either co-op or sandbox.
> My best role is support gunner (or HWS) in FPS and/or TPS co-op.
>> Say for example in ArmA2, I'm either the guy driving the transport lorry or the MMG gunner.
> I have difficulty breathing so it's best not to rely on VOIP or VON.
>> I also have DAS-tachyphemia, so you'll probably have trouble understanding me anyway.
> I am very picky about which games I will play multiplayer on.
>> Never hurts to ask if I want to join a co-op game. I'd probably like you more even if I don't join.

My Steam Community Rules:
> I usually accept random friend invites.
>> The only times I'll decline are when I don't know the person and they have a private profile.
> I rarely remove or block people. When I do, it's usually due to one or more of the following:
>> Too many random IMs and/or trade offers that don't go anywhere.
>> The person I removed/blocked was caught spreading lies about me.
>> Known thieves, scammers, spam bots.
>> Harassers, hate-pigeons, gossips, and trolls.
>>> Particularly SJWs as they typically fit into all 4 categories.
>> Too many VAC bans on your profile.
>> You've been spotted chastising others for cheating in their copies of singleplayer games.
> I'm always open to leeching any trading cards you don't want.
> I usually decline random group invites from people I don't know.
> I don't join clan groups (groups which party up in specific games) unless I'm good friends with the admin.
> Fan groups are fine. Allegiance groups are not.
>> I won't join a group whose sole purpose is to stick with one product brand or some such nonsense.

My Gaming Rules & Habits:
> My gaming rig is nothing to boast about, but it's not too bad either.
>> i5-4570
>> GTX950 2GB VRAM
>> 8GB RAM
>> 1 SSD 256GB
>> 2x1TB HDDs 7200RPM
> My favourite games are always either singleplayer or co-op.
>> My favourite genre is action space sci-fi.
> I sometimes host servers of old, unpopular, and/or forgotten games.
>> Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, for example.
>> My "gaming server" is actually a scrap-heap of decade-old hardware.
>>> That means I can only host games whose servers have a relatively low resource footprint.
> Cheating in singleplayer games is fine.
>> Got a problem with that? Cue doughnut/diet analogy.
>> Cheating in multiplayer games is still stupid.
>> Cheating on your partner makes you a crim. E.S.A.D.
> I rarely ever get new games. When I do, they're usually gifts.
>> No, I'm not going to ask you for free stuff.

Personal Tidbits:
> I often take myself way too seriously. Sometimes not at all. Take a number and Frand(pi*UTC-8).
>> Sometimes I'm a thin-skinned whiner, sometimes I'm a heartless monster.
> Rumours and gossip are why we can't have Nice Things™.
>> Best not to pay attention to any rumours that may be floating around about me.
> I hate MMOs - especially ones which use already-established universes.
>> MMOs are also why we can't have Nice Things™.
>> Decent people don't invest in MMOs.
>> R.I.P. Elder Scrolls - 1994-2014 (Death by MMO)
>> The only thing worse than MMOs are Free2Play ones.
>> Have I stated that I hate MMOs yet?

My GoogTube Channel
My NexusMods user profile. [www.nexusmods.com]
Don't do this stuff... [zhaarteth.blogspot.com]

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Anyone who reads this entire thing has my gratitude. Want to prove that you did? IM me something that only someone who read this whole thing would know. Unfortunately the only thing I can give in thanks is an appreciative attitude.
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